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AS A GRADUATE of the Basic Ministry Course you will be ordained as a minister in Spiritis Church. You will also receive a Doctor of Divinity degree. Your title will be Minister and Chaplain. This ordination and title will give you the admission, authority, and privilege to enter many situations of ministry, and all of the legal rights attendant to that.

You may serve as you are called by the will of God and the hearts of your fellow man... to teach, lift up, and lead into higher truth. It will also give you the power to perform weddings. It will give you a fellowship with other ministers. And, most importantly, you will discover that your own life has been created to be a ministry of love and truth. You will be part of the ecumenical work of Christ's mission on earth, reaching out to all people regardless of beliefs or customs, sharing the universal truth that binds and unites us all: that we are all one in God... and LOVE is who we are.

An Ecumenical Approach

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  • Ministry History
Spiritis Church is an instrument of Christ's work, with unbroken historical lineage, to the original church of Jesus Christ that was founded on the day of Pentecost by the Holy Spirit. You'll become familiar with the history of Spiritis Church and its many Apostolic lines. Most importantly, you will learn about the original nature of the first church. Its basic character was amazingly simple and adaptable. People were called, as you are now, to serve the Spirit of Love and Truth, which has been given freely to all mankind. Those first ministers served in their own communities and also went to every part of the world. The Apostles (original ministers) carried Jesus' message equally to everyone, that it might enter each heart and community in specialization of practice, beliefs, without establishing controlling structures. All denominations are part of the family of Christ. The original church of Jesus Christ and the Apostles has survived autonomously by honoring and supporting all denominations... and more! Now the greatest story ever told is continuing to expand into the new millennium. You will learn about its dramatic history and become part of its amazing future. This is a rare invitation to become part of (or be rejoined with) the original, unbroken ministry of Jesus Christ.

Your Course of Study

There has recently been a change to the course of study, which was created to make this program more available to the increasing number of international applicants. We were previously unable to accommodate many such applicants due to the requirement of their attendance at a live completion seminar. That extra cost (in both time and money) was an insurmountable challenge to many people. In addition to that, it created a never ending problem of coordinating enough completions at the same time to warrant a seminar production.
As always, we want your participation in Spiritis Church to be personal and direct, and we strive to have a coordinated community of ministers.  However, we also realize there are many ways of accomplishing that without requiring attendance at a live seminar.  In the years since this program began, technology has worked virtual miracles in making a global community real and viable without physical contact.  Moreover, dispensing with completion seminars frees us up for other creative live seminars that can be offered in an elective manner.
In that regard, we are now including for your study two of Bishop Glenda’s recorded webinars for your inspiration and education.  From the large library of recorded webinars you may choose two of the ones that interest you most for free.  This is more than a $130 added value.
That being said, your course will begin with an hour long personal telephone conversation with Bishop Glenda Green. You will be signed into our special online course site just for minister students. Here you will find all of the articles and lessons written for ministers, as well as comments on your curriculum. There will be over twelve hours of recorded conference calls on various aspects of ministry and Spiritis Church. These calls are stimulating, provocative, and filled with all the basic information you need to function effectively as a minister and chaplain in your own chosen way. Hopefully, you will choose to listen to these as you proceed with your home study and progress at your own pace. The substance of the calls is both practical and spiritual: from what it means to be a minister, to learning about the protocols of spiritual guidance. You will learn how to use your privileges and avoid liabilities, how to establish and manage your ministry, and opportunities for creating a service-based livelihood. You will be given wedding, memorial, and baptism ceremonies, which as an ordained minister you will be licensed to perform.
You may progress at your own pace through a variety of curriculum choices. Our sophisticated online study facility has been patterned after many leading universities, where online study is now a way of life. We think you will find it a rich and full offering in the comfort of your own home. At the culmination of your home-study training you will have a closing hour long telephone call with Bishop Green in which you may convey your accomplishments, pose any final questions, and if ready, receive ordination as a Minister and Chaplain.

A lifetime of benefits

Your Certificate of Ministry and ordination as a Minister and Chaplain will be for life, or as long as you honor the privilege in good faith.  You will be awarded two beautiful certificates:  Your Doctor of Divinity diploma, and your Ordination Certificate as a Minister and Chaplain of Spiritis Church.  In addition, you will receive a laminated picture ID card stating your date of ordination.  Among the artifacts of your ordination service, you will receive a ribbon and cross stole that you may choose to wear when you perform your own services as a Minister and Chaplain.
You may note your graduation and ordination on your curriculum vitae and use it for promoting your own credential in spiritual service and teaching.  Although your ordination is for life (assuming honor and good faith), there will be an optional annual Letter of Good Standing and annual picture ID card for a fee of $75.00.  Included in this annual renewal, we offer a valuable service of providing you with a fully integrated transcript in which all your prior and future studies may be combined and authenticated on one document.  This is a phenomenal value and service to those who plan to actually serve in ministry.

You are qualified and invited to enroll in advanced spiritual seminars (live) as they occur.  You are qualified to apply for training and preparation for the higher Apostolic Orders.

You will be part of a world-wide community of Spiritis Ministers that you will be invited to join on special occasions, or to connect with through newsletters and other venues of communication as they become available.
You will be invited to be part of special Conference Calls with Bishop Green as they are scheduled, and to receive special inspirational messages only for our Ministers.
You will automatically receive significant discounts (up to 40%) on the most popular products on our LoveWithoutEnd.com website.
You will BELONG to one of the most loving and special communities of service on earth.  You will be invited to CONTRIBUTE your own unique ideas for love and service to this group.


Admission to the Basic Ministry Course is by the calling of the Holy Spirit and the dedication of your own heart.  Your qualification is not by conformity to doctrine, but by the sincerity of your desire to be in the service of Love for the uplifting of others and development of yourself.  However, a formal application is required.  You can use the online form below or download a printable version for submission by regular mail.

In your application, we would like you to tell us something about your background, abilities, and any previous spiritual study in which you've engaged.  Of even greater importance, we'd like to know about your objectives for study, spiritual growth and service.  We will use this information to individualize your course and evaluate your personal progress.


Tuition for the Basic Ministry Course is $750 USD. It includes the complete Home Study Course, all of the online offerings and privileges for our ministry students including archives of instructional teleconferences, two private telephone conferences with Bishop Green, your ordination and Minister-Chaplain certificate, and your Doctor of Divinity degree and diploma. All study materials (a $150 value) -- including an autographed copy of "Love Without End... Jesus Speaks" and "Keys of Jeshua"-- are provided with your paid tuition. (Postage costs are additional.)


Mandatory requirements:

1. READ & STUDY: "Love Without End...Jesus Speaks" by Bishop Glenda Green.

2. READ & STUDY: The History of Spiritis

3. PERFORM an individualized, self-selected practicum: serving, teaching, leading or ministering in accordance with your talents and the nature of your devotion.

Electives (two or more must be chosen and validated):

  1. SUPPLY EVIDENCE of dedicated study and enlightenment in the Holy Bible.
  2. SUPPLY EVIDENCE of dedicated study and enlightenment in other sacred texts.
  3. READ & STUDY: "The Keys of Jeshua" by Bishop Glenda Green;
  4. READ & STUDY: "When Heaven Touches Earth" by Bishop Glenda Green
  5. READ & STUDY: "Managing Your Ministry and Yourself", from materials by Spiritis Church Bishop Christopher J. Hegarty, Ph.D. (best-selling author, public speaker and international management consultant). Included are his "7 Secrets of Exceptional Leadership," "How to Manage Your Boss" and "How to Manage Yourself."
  6. ESSAY: In a thoughtful and detailed way, present your existing spiritual attainments and service to others as a basis for ministry in the world. Outline the ways in which this may apply to the work of a Minister and Chaplain in Spiritis Church.

Additional Offerings:

From the wide array of topics in the Spiritis Library of Webinars your tuition will include two full webinars of your choice. Admission to these will be assigned upon full paid enrollment.

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