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Ministry Course & Degree Program

AS A GRADUATE of the Basic Ministry Course you will be ordained as a minister in Spiritis Church. You will also receive a Doctor of Divinity degree. Your title will be Minister and Chaplain. This ordination and title will give you the admission, authority, and privilege to enter many situations of ministry, and all of the legal rights attendant to that.

You may serve as you are called by the will of God and the hearts of your fellow man… to teach, lift up, and lead into higher truth. It will also give you the power to perform weddings. It will give you a fellowship with other ministers. And, most importantly, you will discover that your own life has been created to be a ministry of love and truth. You will be part of the ecumenical work of Christ’s mission on earth, reaching out to all people regardless of beliefs or customs, sharing the universal truth that binds and unites us all: that we are all one in God… and LOVE is who we are.

An Ecumenical Approach

Spiri­tis Church is an instru­ment of Christ’s work, with unbro­ken his­tor­i­cal lin­eage, to the orig­i­nal church of Jesus Christ that was found­ed on the day of Pen­te­cost by the Holy Spir­it. You’ll become famil­iar with the his­to­ry of Spiri­tis Church and its many Apos­tolic lines. Most impor­tant­ly, you will learn about the orig­i­nal nature of the first church. Its basic char­ac­ter was amaz­ing­ly sim­ple and adapt­able. Peo­ple were called, as you are now, to serve the Spir­it of Love and Truth, which has been giv­en freely to all mankind. Those first min­is­ters served in their own com­mu­ni­ties and also went to every part of the world. The Apos­tles (orig­i­nal min­is­ters) car­ried Jesus’ mes­sage equal­ly to every­one, that it might enter each heart and com­mu­ni­ty in spe­cial­iza­tion of prac­tice, beliefs, with­out estab­lish­ing con­trol­ling struc­tures. All denom­i­na­tions are part of the fam­i­ly of Christ. The orig­i­nal church of Jesus Christ and the Apos­tles has sur­vived autonomous­ly by hon­or­ing and sup­port­ing all denom­i­na­tions… and more! Now the great­est sto­ry ever told is con­tin­u­ing to expand into the new mil­len­ni­um. You will learn about its dra­mat­ic his­to­ry and become part of its amaz­ing future. This is a rare invi­ta­tion to become part of (or be rejoined with) the orig­i­nal, unbro­ken min­istry of Jesus Christ.

Your Course of Study

There has recent­ly been a change to the course of study, which was cre­at­ed to make this pro­gram more avail­able to the increas­ing num­ber of inter­na­tion­al appli­cants. We were pre­vi­ous­ly unable to accom­mo­date many such appli­cants due to the require­ment of their atten­dance at a live com­ple­tion sem­i­nar. That extra cost (in both time and mon­ey) was an insur­mount­able chal­lenge to many peo­ple. In addi­tion to that, it cre­at­ed a nev­er end­ing prob­lem of coor­di­nat­ing enough com­ple­tions at the same time to war­rant a sem­i­nar pro­duc­tion.

As always, we want your par­tic­i­pa­tion in Spiri­tis Church to be per­son­al and direct, and we strive to have a coor­di­nat­ed com­mu­ni­ty of min­is­ters.  How­ev­er, we also real­ize there are many ways of accom­plish­ing that with­out requir­ing atten­dance at a live sem­i­nar.  In the years since this pro­gram began, tech­nol­o­gy has worked vir­tu­al mir­a­cles in mak­ing a glob­al com­mu­ni­ty real and viable with­out phys­i­cal con­tact.  More­over, dis­pens­ing with com­ple­tion sem­i­nars frees us up for oth­er cre­ative live sem­i­nars that can be offered in an elec­tive man­ner.

In that regard, we are now including for your study two of Bishop Glenda’s recorded webinars for your inspiration and education.  From the large library of recorded webinars you may choose two of the ones that interest you most for free.  This is more than a $130 added value.

That being said, your course will begin with an hour long per­son­al tele­phone con­ver­sa­tion with Bish­op Glen­da Green. You will be signed into our spe­cial online course site just for min­is­ter stu­dents. Here you will find all of the arti­cles and lessons writ­ten for min­is­ters, as well as com­ments on your cur­ricu­lum. There will be over twelve hours of record­ed con­fer­ence calls on var­i­ous aspects of min­istry and Spiri­tis Church. These calls are stim­u­lat­ing, provoca­tive, and filled with all the basic infor­ma­tion you need to func­tion effec­tive­ly as a min­is­ter and chap­lain in your own cho­sen way. Hope­ful­ly, you will choose to lis­ten to these as you pro­ceed with your home study and progress at your own pace. The sub­stance of the calls is both prac­ti­cal and spir­i­tu­al: from what it means to be a min­is­ter, to learn­ing about the pro­to­cols of spir­i­tu­al guid­ance. You will learn how to use your priv­i­leges and avoid lia­bil­i­ties, how to estab­lish and man­age your min­istry, and oppor­tu­ni­ties for cre­at­ing a ser­vice-based liveli­hood. You will be giv­en wed­ding, memo­r­i­al, and bap­tism cer­e­monies, which as an ordained min­is­ter you will be licensed to per­form.

You may progress at your own pace through a vari­ety of cur­ricu­lum choic­es. Our sophis­ti­cat­ed online study facil­i­ty has been pat­terned after many lead­ing uni­ver­si­ties, where online study is now a way of life. We think you will find it a rich and full offer­ing in the com­fort of your own home. At the cul­mi­na­tion of your home-study train­ing you will have a clos­ing hour long tele­phone call with Bish­op Green in which you may con­vey your accom­plish­ments, pose any final ques­tions, and if ready, receive ordi­na­tion as a Min­is­ter and Chap­lain.

A lifetime of benefits

Your Cer­tifi­cate of Min­istry and ordi­na­tion as a Min­is­ter and Chap­lain will be for life, or as long as you hon­or the priv­i­lege in good faith.  You will be award­ed two beau­ti­ful cer­tifi­cates:  Your Doc­tor of Divin­i­ty diplo­ma, and your Ordi­na­tion Cer­tifi­cate as a Min­is­ter and Chap­lain of Spiri­tis Church.  In addi­tion, you will receive a lam­i­nat­ed pic­ture ID card stat­ing your date of ordi­na­tion.  Among the arti­facts of your ordi­na­tion ser­vice, you will receive a rib­bon and cross stole that you may choose to wear when you per­form your own ser­vices as a Min­is­ter and Chap­lain.

You may note your grad­u­a­tion and ordi­na­tion on your cur­ricu­lum vitae and use it for pro­mot­ing your own cre­den­tial in spir­i­tu­al ser­vice and teach­ing.  Although your ordi­na­tion is for life (assum­ing hon­or and good faith), there will be an option­al annu­al Let­ter of Good Stand­ing and annu­al pic­ture ID card for a fee of $75.00.  Includ­ed in this annu­al renew­al, we offer a valu­able ser­vice of pro­vid­ing you with a ful­ly inte­grat­ed tran­script in which all your pri­or and future stud­ies may be com­bined and authen­ti­cat­ed on one doc­u­ment.  This is a phe­nom­e­nal val­ue and ser­vice to those who plan to actu­al­ly serve in min­istry.

You are qual­i­fied and invit­ed to enroll in advanced spir­i­tu­al sem­i­nars (live) as they occur.  You are qual­i­fied to apply for train­ing and prepa­ra­tion for the high­er Apos­tolic Orders.

You will be part of a world-wide com­mu­ni­ty of Spiri­tis Min­is­ters that you will be invit­ed to join on spe­cial occa­sions, or to con­nect with through newslet­ters and oth­er venues of com­mu­ni­ca­tion as they become avail­able.

You will be invit­ed to be part of spe­cial Con­fer­ence Calls with Bish­op Green as they are sched­uled, and to receive spe­cial inspi­ra­tional mes­sages only for our Min­is­ters.

You will auto­mat­i­cal­ly receive sig­nif­i­cant dis­counts (up to 40%) on the most pop­u­lar prod­ucts on our LoveWithoutEnd.com web­site.

You will BELONG to one of the most lov­ing and spe­cial com­mu­ni­ties of ser­vice on earth.  You will be invit­ed to CONTRIBUTE your own unique ideas for love and ser­vice to this group.


Admis­sion to the Basic Min­istry Course is by the call­ing of the Holy Spir­it and the ded­i­ca­tion of your own heart.  Your qual­i­fi­ca­tion is not by con­for­mi­ty to doc­trine, but by the sin­cer­i­ty of your desire to be in the ser­vice of Love for the uplift­ing of oth­ers and devel­op­ment of your­self.  How­ev­er, a for­mal appli­ca­tion is required.  You can use the online form below or down­load a print­able ver­sion for sub­mis­sion by reg­u­lar mail.

In your appli­ca­tion, we would like you to tell us some­thing about your back­ground, abil­i­ties, and any pre­vi­ous spir­i­tu­al study in which you’ve engaged.  Of even greater impor­tance, we’d like to know about your objec­tives for study, spir­i­tu­al growth and ser­vice.  We will use this infor­ma­tion to indi­vid­u­al­ize your course and eval­u­ate your per­son­al progress.


Tuition for the Basic Min­istry Course is $750 USD. It includes the com­plete Home Study Course, all of the online offer­ings and priv­i­leges for our min­istry stu­dents includ­ing archives of instruc­tion­al tele­con­fer­ences, two pri­vate tele­phone con­fer­ences with Bish­op Green, your ordi­na­tion and Min­is­ter-Chap­lain cer­tifi­cate, and your Doc­tor of Divin­i­ty degree and diplo­ma. All study mate­ri­als (a $150 val­ue) — includ­ing an auto­graphed copy of “Love With­out End… Jesus Speaks” and “Keys of Jeshua”– are pro­vid­ed with your paid tuition. (Postage costs are addi­tion­al.)

Once your application has been approved click here to pay.


Mandatory requirements:

        1. READ & STUDY: “Love With­out End…Jesus Speaks” by Bish­op Glen­da Green.
        2. READ & STUDY: The His­to­ry of Spiri­tis
        3. PERFORM an indi­vid­u­al­ized, self-select­ed practicum: serv­ing, teach­ing, lead­ing or min­is­ter­ing in accor­dance with your tal­ents and the nature of your devo­tion.

Electives (two or more must be chosen and validated):

        1. SUPPLY EVIDENCE of ded­i­cat­ed study and enlight­en­ment in the Holy Bible.
        2. SUPPLY EVIDENCE of ded­i­cat­ed study and enlight­en­ment in oth­er sacred texts.
        3. READ & STUDY: “The Keys of Jeshua” by Bish­op Glen­da Green;
        4. READ & STUDY: “When Heav­en Touch­es Earth” by Bish­op Glen­da Green
        5. READ & STUDY: “Man­ag­ing Your Min­istry and Your­self”, from mate­ri­als by Spiri­tis Church Bish­op Christo­pher J. Hegar­ty, Ph.D. (best-sell­ing author, pub­lic speak­er and inter­na­tion­al man­age­ment con­sul­tant). Includ­ed are his “7 Secrets of Excep­tion­al Lead­er­ship,” “How to Man­age Your Boss” and “How to Man­age Your­self.”
        6. ESSAY: In a thought­ful and detailed way, present your exist­ing spir­i­tu­al attain­ments and ser­vice to oth­ers as a basis for min­istry in the world. Out­line the ways in which this may apply to the work of a Min­is­ter and Chap­lain in Spiri­tis Church.

Additional Offerings:

From the wide array of top­ics in the Spiri­tis Library of Webi­na­rs your tuition will include two full webi­na­rs of your choice. Admis­sion to these will be assigned upon full paid enroll­ment.

Once your application has been approved click here to pay.
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Online Application [download printable form]:

Please tell us about your back­ground, abil­i­ties and any pre­vi­ous spir­i­tu­al study in which you’ve engaged, plus your objec­tives for study, spir­i­tu­al growth and ser­vice.  This infor­ma­tion will be used to indi­vid­u­al­ize your course and eval­u­ate your progress.


(Note: ALL fields are required and must be com­plet­ed before the form can be sub­mit­ted.)

Describe your edu­ca­tion­al back­ground, includ­ing any inde­pen­dent stud­ies

Describe any pri­or study of a spir­i­tu­al or reli­gious nature

Describe your aspi­ra­tions for spir­i­tu­al growth

What parts of the Min­istry Course cur­ricu­lum inter­est you most?  Which elec­tives are you most like­ly to pur­sue?

Your Name:

Your Home Phone (includ­ing your area code):

Your Work/Cell Phone (includ­ing your area code) (not required):

Your Email:

Street Address:

City, State/Province:

Zip/Postal Code & Coun­try (if oth­er than US):


Social Sec. # (Not Required Until Ordi­na­tion):

Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:

If you have added addi­tion­al infor­ma­tion in a Word.doc or a PDF file you may attach the file here:

I have read the Arti­cles of Faith* and Creed of Spiri­tis Church* and I agree in good faith to the prin­ci­ples there­in.  I under­stand that Spiri­tis Church is uni­ver­sal and will not restrict my ser­vice through con­for­mity to doc­trine.  As a Min­is­ter and Chap­lain of Spiri­tis Church, I will respect Its tenets in all aspects of my min­istry and endeav­or to live as a cred­it to God.  I cer­tify that I am not involved in crim­i­nal or abu­sive activ­i­ties and that I have no unre­solved offens­es against my fel­low man.  I extend to Spiri­tis Church the right to per­form a back­ground check if and when it may be deemed appro­pri­ate.  I accept account­abil­ity to Spiri­tis Church and absolve It from any respon­si­bil­ity for my per­for­mance, actions and behav­ior.  I fur­ther under­stand that my rights to min­is­te­r­ial priv­i­lege and pro­tec­tions will be ter­mi­nated if I engage in activ­i­ties that are destruc­tive to my fel­low man or that con­sti­tute a lia­bil­ity to Spiri­tis Church.  I pledge to use my rights and priv­i­leges as a Min­is­ter and Chap­lain in accor­dance with all applic­a­ble laws of the coun­ty, state and coun­try in which I prac­tice and reside. 



Please let us know how you learned about us:  

*Articles of Faith  ~  *Creed of Spiritis Church

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