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Since the time of the Apostles, the Church catholic has existed.

During the course of history, many branches of the one, catholic, and apostolic Church have evolved. One thing remains constant with all the branches, however, that each has maintained an unbroken line of succession from the Apostles to the present. The Apostles were the original Bishops of the Church, and their authority as episcopos has been passed down to this day.
There are many Rites in the one, catholic, and apostolic Church. In designating the unity of these many Rites, the word catholic is used to mean universal, and does not infer preference to any one particular denomination. Such denominations would include the Roman Rite, Anglican Rite, Celtic Rite, and Orthodox Rite, to suggest a few—in addition to the many that go unnamed except for the bishops who continue the lineage and serve the teachings of Christ in a relatively unstructured way.
Due to political factions, human disagreements, and poorly kept records, the fog of history has obscured many lines of succession. Oftentimes, missing records have been used to justify accusations of invalid authority. At the same time, other more devoted clergy and diligent scholars have set aside differences in favor of unity and historical accuracy. It is consistently true throughout history that the authority and character of the apostolic church have been preserved less by doctrine and more by the lineages of consecrated leadership.

Jesus established this at the very beginning when he sent the Apostles out to the world individually (not collectively) to teach the good news. With great honor and respect for those who have come before we present the Apostolic Successions of Spiritis Church.

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