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Please tell us about your background, abilities and any previous spiritual study in which you’ve engaged, plus your objectives for study, spiritual growth and service.  This information will be used to individualize your course and evaluate your progress.



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    I have read the Arti­cles of Faith* and Creed of Spiri­tis Church* and I agree in good faith to the prin­ci­ples there­in.  I under­stand that Spiri­tis Church is uni­ver­sal and will not restrict my ser­vice through con­for­mity to doc­trine.  As a Min­is­ter and Chap­lain of Spiri­tis Church, I will respect Its tenets in all aspects of my min­istry and endeav­or to live as a cred­it to God.  I cer­tify that I am not involved in crim­i­nal or abu­sive activ­i­ties and that I have no unre­solved offens­es against my fel­low man.  I extend to Spiri­tis Church the right to per­form a back­ground check if and when it may be deemed appro­pri­ate.  I accept account­abil­ity to Spiri­tis Church and absolve It from any respon­si­bil­ity for my per­for­mance, actions and behav­ior.  I fur­ther under­stand that my rights to min­is­te­r­ial priv­i­lege and pro­tec­tions will be ter­mi­nated if I engage in activ­i­ties that are destruc­tive to my fel­low man or that con­sti­tute a lia­bil­ity to Spiri­tis Church.  I pledge to use my rights and priv­i­leges as a Min­is­ter and Chap­lain in accor­dance with all applic­a­ble laws of the coun­ty, state and coun­try in which I prac­tice and reside. 



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    *Articles of Faith  ~  *Creed of Spiritis Church

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