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Services & Sacraments

IN A FREE and ecu­meni­cal nature, Spiri­tis Church, bound by covenant as the Orig­i­nal Church, hon­ors the many gifts the Holy Spir­it has giv­en Its min­is­ters. There are gifts of heal­ing, speak­ing, teach­ing, nur­tur­ing, orga­niz­ing, pre­sent­ing and lead­ing oth­ers in the path­ways of Life. There are as many ways to serve as human need can devise. In this, we hon­or and sup­port the unique tal­ents and prepa­ra­tions of those who are called to serve. As the Orig­i­nal Church of Jesus Christ, Spiri­tis Church is also at the same time sacra­men­tal. The Sacra­ments are per­formed to hon­or and man­i­fest the pres­ence of the Holy Spir­it for the sanc­ti­fi­ca­tion of holy occa­sions and the spir­i­tu­al attain­ments of those faith­ful in Christ. The Sacra­ments include Holy Com­mu­nion, Holy Bap­tism, Con­fir­ma­tion, Rec­on­cil­i­a­tion and Abso­lu­tion, Holy Mar­riage, Holy Unc­tion (heal­ing), and Holy Orders. The cler­gy per­form these rites in accor­dance with each mem­ber’s prepa­ra­tion and ordi­na­tion (or con­se­cra­tion).

Membership & Fellowship

ACCORDING to Matthew 18:20 it is said, “Wher­ev­er two or three are gath­ered in my name, I will be among them.” There­fore, let it be known that the true and spir­i­tu­al com­mu­ni­ty of this Church is bound by the Holy Spir­it and the Love of Christ and not by human lim­i­ta­tions or pre­scrip­tions; nor by set juris­dic­tions of phys­i­cal prop­er­ties and/or loca­tions. In this spir­it we present no phys­i­cal or denom­i­na­tion­al lim­i­ta­tions upon our mem­ber­ship, nor do we place restric­tions on the hearts, faith or beliefs of those who join with us in the Truths of God. By this trust and this grace of God our mem­ber­ship is thus estab­lished and extend­ed to all.