Spiritis Church

Christ, the Holy Spirit, and Love alone founded Spiritis Church

This is the first church created on the day of Pentecost, almost two thousand years ago. Spiritis Church perpetuates the original ministry of Jesus and the Apostles, accepting and affirming all denominations of Christianity. We do not espouse any doctrinal limitations or exclude the truths of God in any way they may appear.

The Old, the New, and the Eternal:

Jesus told his Apostles to carry the Good News to the entire world.  He did so with full expectation that all the diverse cultures and traditions of man would be respected while lifting them up to a higher truth.  And so it is, Spiritis Church has such ancient and wide spread roots that it has entered every ethnic and cultural environment of the last two thousand years.  Many times the Christian message has so deeply merged with a compatible tradition that Truth and the tradition were assumed to be the same.   Dispelling such assumptions, we must never forget that all traditions are created from the fabric of human society and beliefs, even though they may have been elevated by a Higher Truth.  There must always be allowance for change and growth so that Eternal Truths may be viewed freshly within each new and birthing generation.  Spiritis Church is dedicated to this evolving allowance, while cherishing the richness, complexity, and beauty of its sacred heritage. 

From the hills of Qumran to every nation on earth, the Original Church and Ministry of Jesus and the Apostles have continued to thrive and expand among all the doctrines and denominations of organized Christianity, from which they sprang.

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